Adding or consolidating call centers

Michael Wilson, Executive Vice President of Operations says, “When we opened our Westbrook Sales Center at the Dana Warp Building back in December of 2015, many of our sales agents from our Saco location chose to transfer there.

We can now focus our management team and hiring efforts by consolidating the remaining agents from Saco to Westbrook with our new, larger Customer Service center opening in April.

The executive team was concerned that the level of service provided by multiple call centers across the organization was inconsistent and was hurting their image in the marketplace.

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The cost analysis is relatively easy, albeit time consuming.

The numbers may be hard to locate, but they do exist.

We are able to offer any remaining Saco agents the opportunity to work in Westbrook at either location, Inbound Sales or Customer Service.

” Wilson adds; “The expansion to a larger facility affords us the opportunity to hire and employ more Mainers and continue to exceed the service levels our clients expect from us.” The new Customer Service Center will be located at 860 Spring Street in Westbrook and will open in mid-April.

The Westbrook Sales center is located at 90 Bridge Street (Dana Warp Building).

Other locations are located at 14 Edison Drive in Augusta and the corporate office is located at 121 Mill Street in Auburn.

The latest move relocates their Customer Service Center to a new 17,000 SF building located at 860 Spring Street in Westbrook and Consolidates their Saco Inbound Sales Center with the recently opened Westbrook Sales Center located at 90 Bridge Street in Westbrook.

“In addition to recently opening new contact centers in the Augusta and Westbrook areas to accommodate growth within GFM’s Inbound Sales division, rapid expansion within our Customer Service Division has caused us to outgrow our current Customer Service Center in South Portland.

Estimating the impact of the move on regional customers is challenging, but essential.

By comparing the numbers for your current setup with the proposed single-site plan, you will be able to measure and assess the impact of centralization on your customer base and your bottom line.

They were looking for an analytic framework to quantify and evaluate the tradeoffs and benefits of consolidated vs. My client's call center experts correctly believed that it would be cost effective to consolidate their servicing activities into a single location.