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The lights above my bed were touch and go; you had to have the on-off knob just right for them to stay on. Bottom line, it was a very disappointing stay at best.

I will say, I will NEVER book another stay at a Days Inn again.

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I stayed at the Columbia Missouri location, it was absolutely the filthiest hotel I have seen in my life.Bedding stained, mold in shower, nothing cleaned off dirty fridge , microwave, the clock radio had so much dirt built up in it I didn't even want to touch it, then the worst was the dirty towel hanging in the bathroom with what looked like washed out blood.Not sure where it came from, but it had not been cleaned up. The sheets on the beds were dirty, both sets of the key cards did not work.The bathroom was dirty, the tub had not been cleaned and there was a big crack in it. We had to keep going down to the front desk to get the cards reactivated.There was NO WIFI during both days, even though we were promised that "the owner" would be in on Saturday morning to reboot the system. Also, the TV in my wife's room didn't work until the owner came to fix it on Saturday.

We were in non-smoking rooms, but that didn't stop some people from hanging out their windows and smoking in the non-smoking section.

Corporate needs to look into these individually owned units and make them either get with the program or take away the Days Inn name.

They are embarrassing an otherwise (what used to be) good name in hotels.

The next morning when we got up there little white bugs covering my son's glasses, they were on the lamp base and his ipod. There was a leaky and loud ice machine in the hallway, my veiw from my room was weeds, the landscape had not been maintained, cheese puffs littered the ground near the pool.

This place is a nightmare and someone needs to look into this. I have been threatened twice now since my stay on Aug 5th and 6th.

Please find details for the Days Inn corporate office below.