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Parents need to know that She's Out of My League is like the recent slew of Judd Apatow and Apatow-inspired comedies that are slathered in exceedingly vulgar humor, but also have a sweet, endearing center.

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He can't exactly forget her, though; his parents like her so much that she still comes over to their house with her new boyfriend to visit.Kirk wants to be a pilot, but he works as a Transportation Security Administration agent at the Pittsburgh airport, seemingly the only employee with any common sense in the entire outfit.Though most of the film is spent rating people on their appearance, and giving them 1-to-10 ratings (Molly [Alice Eve] is a "hard ten," while Kirk [Jay Baruchel] is a "five"), Kirk, and all the other characters as well, come to learn that who a person is inside counts for more.An i Phone plays a major part in the two heroes getting together. " In another scene, a nervous, flustered Kirk gulps down a martini, which seems to have little effect on him.When the girl gets it back after losing it, her response is something like "You saved my life." The hero drives a Dodge Neon, which is constantly referred to in a joking manner.

The characters are all of drinking age, and drink often, but not to overindulgence.

Happily, the movie has a good heart and a good message about learning to believe in yourself regardless of looks, which is perfect for responsible older teens.

Young-at-heart parents might enjoy the movie as well, even if most teens won't want to sit next to them.

The movie also contains multiple uses of, but is not limited to: "s--t," "Goddamn it," "my God," "balls," "p---y," "ass," "bitch," "dick," plus insults like "moron" and jargon like "raw-dogging" and "jizzed." We also see the extended middle finger.

Believe it or not, among all the vulgar humor, the movie has a solidly positive message about being true to oneself and valuing people based on their character instead of their looks.

This is a highly sex-obsessed movie, with constant references to male and female body parts and lots of sex talk (including references to homosexuality), but hardly any nudity.