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You will need to pay for accommodation only after you check-in. Each floor and wing have a big kitchen with sinks, stoves and oven (in the short corridor), microwave (in the long corridor).

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If you wish to have a visitor staying up for a night or two, please inform the reception desk and settle the additional fee of 12PLN per night upon her/his departure.

It is only possible for a visitor for 3 nights in a row.

The whole process is done randomly and in all likelihood you will be separated from any fellow students from you home university or country.

According to the School’s regulations the entire process of checking in at Sabinki hall of residence starts one week before the beginning of each semester.

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in late May and late October, you will be sent an e-mail by the SGH Incoming Students Officer informing you if you have been assigned a room or not.

The roommate assignment aims on maximizing the blending of nationalities and therefore, the International Centre does not comply with student’s request in this matter.

Therefore, we strongly advise all students to apply at the beginning of the on-line registration period.

Students coming to SGH under Within 3 weeks after the on-line application closes, i.e.

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