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"Since they fell for each other, they've hardly been out of each other's sight.

I'm afraid the news will break many fan's hearts - Gary is a bit of a pin-up".

They mixed up various styles of music as house, rock, and hip hop.

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The Irish supergroup, who are following in the footsteps of U2, invited Lisa to play with them on their recent UK tour and Gary and Lisa grew very close.A source close to the band said: "Gary is smitten with Lisa. They've known each other for ages but things only became serious recently.Lisa had dated Rice who has also been romantically linked with Hollywood actress Renee Zellweger.Lightbody admitted he had met a new woman, but was taking things very slowly.He said: "I've dated five women in my entire life and there are bits of those experiences in there. "But if there's a chance of happiness, I've always got my finger on the self-destruct button, unfortunately." CAPTION(S): Snow in love..

"But it's taken me three years to understand the last one. Gary Lightbody lead singer of Irish supergroup Snow Patrol; Gorgeous..When at the University of Dundee, Lightbody met Nick De Cosemo, a fellow student, and the two became friends.De Cosemo also moved in Lightbody's Springfield apartment when he moved out of his parents' house.He said: "I've met someone who is a fantastic woman and it works because it's not a relationship. But that's where the songs come from." He also revealed how most of the songs on the band's hit albums Final Straw and Eyes Open were about his ex-girlfriend."I haven't allowed myself the chance to screw it up yet. Despite being a rock god, Lightbody revealed he has only ever dated five women."What Are You Waiting For" was written before Snow Patrol released Final Straw, during a time when Lightbody was staying over at the band's place for a few days.