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The pilot sets up Ted as this very romantic and idealist guy who believes in "the one." Do you think the ending and the show as a whole validated Ted’s worldview? A 27-year-old romantic is different than a 52-year-old romantic. It’s in keeping with the character that he doesn’t seem to be someone who’s resigned and has kind of just turned inward. He’s clearly trying to impart some great lessons to his kids.

He never seems to lose his sense of optimism or that things will work out in the way they’re supposed to. Then his kids give him a little kick and try to take care of him.

I didn’t know if they would actually want to come back to it and do that, especially after Cristin, because she was so wonderful and the fans seemed to really take to her. They cut a scene that Cobie [Smulders] and I shot between Ted and Robin.I thought it was a really important scene and I talked to Carter and Craig [Bays and Thomas, HIMYM's co-creators and co-showrunners] about it.Can you tell me a little bit more about what happened in the cut scene?It was a scene after they ran into each other on the street. I don’t want to go too much into it because they obviously cut it for a reason, but I thought it was a really sweet and sad and funny scene.We shot more than could be in the episode, which we always do, so some stuff has to go.

I wanted to ask you about the criticism that some had with the finale.

You think you’re watching one thing in an episode and then it turns out you’re watching something completely different.

I think that the twists in the finale were in keeping with that. There have always been people that thought that Barney and Robin were perfect together, there have always been people that thought it didn’t make sense.

I think it’s better to do that than try to have some homogenized, safe ending that was never really what the show was.

The show was always bold and daring and questioning assumptions and leading you where you thought you didn’t want to go, but realized at the end that that was where you belonged.

It also talked about Robin having a run-in with a bull in Spain.