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We have composed detailed reviews of the leading bisexual dating sites, so you don’t have to waste your precious resources in connecting with the right people.

Their dilemma is that they can not have a relationship with either man or woman who is straight because straigh...

Sure there are some people who peak your interest and then some that don't.

Check now- if you are bisexual Although some peop...

Read More What would you do if the guy tells you that he is a bisexual man after dating with you for 6 months?

In the same breath you have to give others the space to love themselves and sometimes that won't include you.

Just be safe, honest and truthful to yourself and above all LOVE YOUR SELF.

If the relationship is strong and the person feels they can handle the exposure (or perhaps they even have experience or have been exposed to an STD) they be receptive to hearing you out and the possibility of engaging further in the relationship.

However, remember they may choose not to continue the relationship and this IS NOT A DIRECT REFLECTION OF YOU.

You MUST KNOW THIS: The basis of any relationship begins with SELF LOVE.

That means if you love yourself in lieu of dealing with, having and , then you will attract that kind of love from someone like minded, regardless if they have an STD or not and the possibilities are limitless.

Some people are depressed about the fact that they are bisexuals.