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“Basically, just a small group of eight guys,” Brian recalls. Equally attractive, Black guy—and he had like 4 or 5 matches,” says Brian.“We were passionate about tech and wanted to start our businesses.” It was during a random conversation with this group, about online dating, that the Gerrards were struck with inspiration. Shortly after that conversation, the brothers, along with Jordan Kunzika, a first generation Angolan-American, created BAE , Before Anyone Else, a mobile dating app that caters specifically to African-American singles.

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Online dating is the natural evolution of courtship in an era where social interaction is more likely to take place over a keyboard, than a cup of coffee.

Gone are the days of chance encounters and love letters mailed in earnest.

The founders launched the app at Howard University in April, and received over 17,000 downloads in its first month, outperforming an early Tinder.

In spite of the egalitarianism that permeates millennial culture, and wide-spread acceptance of interracial couples, on-line dating is anything but color-blind.


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