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We’ll take a look at the data from millions of online dating user profiles (it sounds boring, but it’s not! The data comes from Ok Cupid, a massive online dating site that does a lot of interesting tests and experiments.

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But there’s another major factor that you need to consider – photography.

You probably don’t think about photography details too much when you’re choosing your profile pictures, but getting the photography wrong can really hinder your success… Here are three factors you should consider: The type and brand of your camera has a huge affect on how good you look in your photos: If you’re wondering how Ok Cupid were able to make these findings, it’s because most cameras these days add EXIF data to digital photo files.

So when the Ok Cupid data talks about “attracting or receiving messages”, it basically just means people are interested, which on Tinder is like”right-swipes” and “matches”. Good :)And in case you were wondering, the My Space angle isn’t successful because you can kind of see down the girls shirt.

The testers re-ran the experiment and excluded all cleavage shots, and the results were still the same. Although the miraculous My Space angle attracts the most messages, it is actually one of the worst photo’s for attracting worthwhile messages… The ab-shot is mostly considered to be used by douchebags – it has the same lame reputation as the My Space shot.

First, there’s the odd issue of his OK Cupid online dating profile.

We can’t be certain that the profile, under the presumed pseudonym Harry Harrison, actually belongs to Assange, but this article makes a pretty good case that it does.By exposing government secrets, he is weakening governments.There are certainly plenty of people who do consider him an anarchist, We’re an organization that goes about and has a long record all over the world of exposing abuses, by exposing concrete documentation, proof of bad behavior. That’s what people do when they’re civil, is that they engage in organized activity that promotes justice.Regardless, “Atheism” is listed under the religion section of Mr. Then there’s the blog that he kept before he became an internationally notorious figure.In one entry he talks about going to an event filled with young Christian women, where he says he took the role of “village atheist” as they “tried to convert me with the rise and fall of their bosoms.” Then he proceeded to tell a young women, essentially, that the reason she believed in God was because she was an idiot, whereupon she apparently swooned.His goal as a journalist, and as founder of Wikileaks, is to release that information with the express purpose of weakening the power of that secretive group.