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It works with GTA3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. Sanny Builder 3 features the CLEO library, which houses almost a hundred useful opcodes that users may need.

Aside from that, Sanny Builder 3 features Player coordinates manager which enables users to configure the players’ z-angle and coordinates while in-game.

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Also listen to our podcast interview with Ed Decker.

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Also it's made to fill your free-time with having fun with your friends by sharing, chating, calling, and playing games against each other.Being mostly a sports photographer, I have done images for the Canadian Gymnastics Association (National selection of 1998 for the Commonwealth Games), covered many motorized sports events; Champ Car series (2002 in Mid-Ohio, 2006 in Montréal and 2007 in Mont-Tremblant) as well as the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières, yearly, since 2011.The CSBK Superbike series was just added to this list.This program also features an Opcode search tool, which enables the users to find specific opcodes when needed.Sanny Builder 3 also features a source converting tool which enables users to switch between Mission Builder and Sanny Builder syntax.Sanny Builder 3 is game editor specifically designed for the Grand Theft Auto 3D game series. This program comes equipped with a game disassembler that enables users to disassemble GTA 3D’s file which houses the game scripts.