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Other religious communities in Bangalore are Muslims, Christians and Jains.

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However the most unique feature of Bangalore’s demographic profile is its diversity.Besides Kannada which is the state language, other languages spoken in the city are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.One of the most cosmopolitan cities of India, Bangalore is today at the forefront of India’s dominance in the global IT map.This status is not only reflected in the professional and material success but also in the high quality of life enjoyed by the city’s men and women, an example of which is its dating culture.In fact it is one of the few cities in India which can boast of a thriving underground rock culture.

Rock In India, Great Indian Rock and more recently Deccan Rock are the some of the best known rock festivals hosted in Bangalore.

However it is the pub culture of the city which is at the heart of Bangalore’s dating culture.

The city has a large young and cosmopolitan population, fuelled by the number of young men and women who come to study and work in the city from other parts of India.

However it is as the capital of rock music in India that Bangalore is famous among today’s generation.

All sub-genres of rock, from classic rock n' roll to heavy metal can be heard in Bangalore.

All these venues feature as an indispensable part of Bangalore’s poplar dating venues.