Cougar dating age

Ironically around the same time men’s levels are dipping which tones down their libido.

Amid rumors that Ashton Kutcher, 33, and Demi Moore, 48, have split after six years of marriage, May-December relationships still keep everyone guessing: Who chose whom?And how long will it last once buttocks sag and double chins set in?In 2007, a film titled Cougar Club was released based on relationships between older women and younger men.This year there have been popular series like The Cougar and Cougar Town aired on television.So what is it that attracts older women into a relationship with younger men?

Here are some reasons why mature women seem to be increasingly getting hooked to the role of a cougar.

Participating surgeons praised Jones for her “short delicate jaw with small chin and nose.” In the same survey, Hugh Jackman—who is 13 years younger than his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness—won top honors (scoring 26 percent) among male celebrities.

This figure has soared from 3.8 percent to 5.8 percent. K., the percentage of women marrying men at least six years younger than they are more than doubled between 19, from 3 percent to 7 percent.

“A 19-year-old is more likely to want sex, expect sex, and demand sex than a 13-year-old.”In the study that yielded this statistic, 11.6 percent of “bottoms” desired partners at least 10 years older; 4.7 percent of “bottoms” desired partners at least 10 years younger.

Also in this study, twice as many “tops”—men who prefer insertive anal intercourse—desired partners 10 years than themselves as 10 years older.

“The real point here is that since 1986 the number of women doing all kinds of things that used to be nonstandard has doubled or more than doubled,” Kirshenbaum tells The Daily Beast. It’s about the greater freedom women have to make choices.