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Moreland, in the midst of temporarily being married to her, was one of the first to mention how utterly monstrous and manipulative she can be.Similarly, in the midst of having numerous ‘cherry popped’ stories from Courtney about them taking her virginity, Mooney and Cope were more than happy to echo Moreland’s sentiments. It's crazy that she's presenting herself as his intimate friend." a.

Guess whose posterior provided a shameful moment of drug-taking!

So thanks to [this actor] I ended up accidentally getting addicted to benzos, which went on to plague my life.

I reached into her massive boobs and I pulled out a tennis ball filled with a substantial amount of blow and 80 milligrams of Oxy. But there was a person there who begged me to keep the drugs so we could use them later.

"She was lying unconscious in the bathroom at Rod Stewart's house.

"My drug counselor did Ayahuasca with [him] one time and [he] spent an hour chasing a bee through Joshua Tree." a.

"I've been really open about all the sexual aspects of my life, particularly when it comes to these showboats who love to be talked about, people like [him]." a.

I never really understood Carson Daily and Tara Reid. TRL also didn’t make it to the new century, and the 90’s came to a regrettable close.

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The judge presiding over her case was the same judge who presided over mine.

I told [her] to just get it together and trust the judge, and [her] father called me for advice every day.

She basically stalked them, coerced them to interact with her, and invented stories and wives’ tales about her relationships with them to build a name for herself from scene to scene.