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What has always amazed me about Crestron is their ‘planned non-obsolescence’ Very few brands in the industry allow for a touchpanel which was created 20 years ago to integrate with all the latest technologies.I have seen in the past how brands typically ‘re-invent’ themselves and don’t spend the money to ensure that their new products still work with their old product lines.

At this time, it is too soon to know how Savant will react to technological developments to come.Having a product line tied so closely to another company’s product is a risky proposition, as Savant’s success long term may trend with Apple’s success or failure in the next decade.As we move into 2013, at a time when Apple is seemingly on top of the world, and i Phones/i Pads are close to having half of the market share for smart phones and tablets, trending with Apple is not a bad thing at all.Crestron has done a terrific job over the years at selecting the top hardware in the industry, improving it, and integrating it into their line.To have evolved since that point to become one of the leaders in control systems technology is no small feat, and his vision and passion in engineering is what drives this.

I see this ability to evolve as a huge plus when choosing a control system to invest in.For those truly gifted programmers who understand user interfaces, user experience, and usability, Crestron is the portal to control anything in the world through any method you can think of (I won’t get technical here, but I could go on for days).For those programmers who don’t get it, the road to failure is very short.Crestron’s hardware is not only backwards compatible with almost all previous generations of their gear, but it is also mainly bulletproof.I’m sure they will admit to a few product failures in the past, and I can name a few myself from experience, but their core product line consists of products that are stable enough to run government and space station command centers for decades without failing.I understand there is a cost associated to ensuring this ‘backwards compatibility’, which is an easy cost to cut when a manufacturer is trying to reach a certain price point.