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The most difficult marital problems today are Internet pornography adultery, and sexual fantasy.Most women feel that pornography is akin to adultery.She may constantly worry about what he thinks about her and try extremely hard not to make a mistake.

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None of these strategies work and actually add to the problem.

What the partner has to realize is that she or he needs help too in order to get out of her or his own addictive habits.

Most women report a loss of security in their relationship and believe that they have been living a lie.

They feel that the future of the marriage is at risk, many want to leave the marriage. The beginning of most sexual addictions are formed long before adulthood, so the addictions are carried into marriage.

The sexual addict is a person who tries to use sex to fill non-sexual needs.

Sex becomes not an expression of love in a mature relationship, but rather a compulsive (and often highly ritualized) response to the emotional stresses of life.

Sex addicts on the Internet often experience a rapid progression of their addiction.

The new sexual thrills lead to spending huge amounts of time, moving more quickly into more extreme behaviors, taking greater risks, and getting caught more frequently.

Thus, internet sex has been referred to as the "crack cocaine" of sex addiction.

Sexual addition is extremely destructive, both to the individual and to the marriage partner.

They feel that this fantasy behavior threatens the marriage and their self esteem.