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See full summary » Sang-min comes to Finland to send her autistic son to a special camp, but she feels extremely alienated in snow covered-white Helsinki. See full summary » A man from a wealthy family who should be in his second year of college, is still finishing his highschool requirements.

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See full summary » A magician meets a weird girl and offers her to work together in his magic show.It's only until a year later that he starts to know her personally and develops a feeling towards her despite her own problems.The film had probably presented its arguments to try and swing the audience's sympathy toward the Christian character here rather than for Cyrano, but unfortunately cannot let go from its need to have an uplifting factor since this is a romantic comedy after all, with a minor romantic subplot kept brewing that you'll probably see it coming from the start.Personally, the story of Sang-Yong's pursuit of Hee Joong actually took a backseat as being the weaker of the two broad romances here and is a tad unconvincing, since after all, it's engineered, to perfection even.The agency staff try helping their clients without being noticed.

The agency's representatives Byeong-hoon (played by Eom Tae-woong)and Min-yeong (Park Sin-hye) are giving their best to pair up their client, Sang-yong (Choi Daniel), with his love interest named Hee-joong (Lee Min-jeong).

Like a typical Korean film, there's room for comedy as well as melodrama in a bloated film adamant in covering a lot of ground.

There's the exploits of Sang Yong in getting to be within Hee Joong's attention radar which the Agency crafts, with laughs coming from the former's penchant to drift beyond his prepared script, and the various rib-tickling efforts from members of the agency who pride themselves in their work, sometimes not going according to plan when their thinking on their feet fails.

But when Byeong-hun sees Hee-joong's profile, he begins to doubt their abilities. This is a fun little romantic comedy made the Korean way.

And a special notice for Eom Tae-woong, who i think is a good actor.

She is dragged there by her worried father, Captain SEO, who learns that ...