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Here’s an excerpt: New religious groups in the United States, along with some young members of older orders seem eager to wear a religious habit in public, not just on the grounds around a school but at airports or on the subway.

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In 1929 archaeologists from the British and Pennsylvania Museums, led by Sir Leonard Woolley, discovered an amazing find in old graves in the city of Ur during excavations between Baghdad and Basra in Iraq.

It appeared that these were royal graves from 2600 BC, and that what was uncovered was the poignant scene of a mass suicide.

As a harp player himself, he felt that making a playable version of the Golden Lyre could help to build bridges between modern Western countries and Iraq, and bring fresh insights into ancient Sumerian culture for a new generation.

Andy spearheaded an effort to create an authentic reconstruction of the lyre.

These instruments, or what remained of them, were restored and distributed between the museums that took part in the digs.

The finest of them was given to the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad and is called the Golden Lyre of Ur.

They have also made a You Tube video with Mr Harmer, performing an original composition by Barnaby.

by the well-known theologian Thomas O’Meara, OP, a dominican friar and emeritus professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame.

In April 2003, it was one of many objects damaged by looters at the museum in Baghdad.

This lyre was the earliest stringed instrument ever found, and its destruction, along with the vision of the players dying alongside their instruments, struck a chord in the mind of Mr Andy Lowings.

Bill Taylor is one of several musicians invited to perform on this valuable and important instrument.