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This is where it stayed until the war when the star was used.

After that the logo was written in script and kept in the upper left hand corner.

White background, gilt trim, square scalloped shape, man & woman (presumably Louis XV and Madame du Barry) in 18th century dress, chateau and fountain.

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During WW2 Hollywood patterns had a star in the upper left hand corner.

and they also had patterns from the 1930's with four stars below the logo on the left hand side.

The instructions state the seams should all be flat stitched (we would generally say flat felled now) but they don't give instructions on how to do this; you're expected to know how.

See Economy 4617 for largely similar men's under garments dating about 40 years earlier. Cutting the waistband crosswise means that you don't have to try to match the stripes in the shorts, but this option disappears in the layout for a large size, when to make the most efficient use of the goods the waistband is cut lengthwise.

With the 5000 series the logo moved to the upper left hand corner and was written in a script font.

The 2000 series and the 5000 series overlap for the years 19.

There seems to be a strong expectation by the designers that you'll make this up in stripes; the yardage chart very carefully states the yardage for lengthwise striped material.

Illustrations on patterns for men's clothing frequently show the gentleman smoking a pipe (see the small line drawing); perhaps this manly activity is supposed to distract us from the fact that we're walking around Woolworth's carrying a picture of a somewhat scantily clad male not related to us.

During the mid 1930's the logo became a square box at the middle right hand side.

Then in the late 1930's the Du Barry logo moved to the bottom left hand corner with the price of the pattern above it.

I've compiled information on Advance, Butterick, Du Barry, Hollywood, Mc Call and Simplicity patterns from the internet into one place so hopefully this helps someone trying to date a pattern.