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You’re either together or you’re not, and you figure it out alone. I think it depends on the stage you are at in your life. So what’s a single girl to do if she’s sick of dating and wants a relationship? Someone might see you loving yourself and be jealous. (I’m half kidding.) Remember that everything I told you is just a theory.

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But just as I was finishing my internal pep talk, she asked, “Would you like to come to the theater with me tomorrow? I have an extra seat, and I would love to see you again.” Excuse me? This gorgeous girl from Brittany who was taken to a terrible restaurant that gave her food poisoning then had to walk through the cold making dull conversation wants to see me — the idiot who orchestrated it all — again?

“Ummm…I’ll text you.” “Okay,” she smiled, before driving away. It would’ve been too cruelly awkward, but these kinds of surprises, in which I find myself on entirely different wavelengths with French women, aren’t actually that unusual.

Almost uniformly, there is a precocious young American girl, who finds both her womanhood and her independence in the City of Lights.

This happens in An American in Paris, in Truffaut’s Breathless, in Chaplin’s A Woman of Paris, in Funny Face, and in Charade, among others.

You’ll notice in all of these it’s not just womanhood being attained, but also — you guessed it — a French man.

(Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard’s time-traveling Midnight in Paris romance might be our gender-flipping exception to prove the rule.) Statistically, there are far more American women with French men than American men with French women. After taking an informal poll from American women, the three characteristics that came up most to describe French men are: sexually mature, worldly, intelligent.Everyone says that it’s easy to date in New York City but hard to actually find a relationship. Besides, can you really simplify men into two broad groups?One man alone — French or not — is already complicated enough. While an accent is a pretty superficial reason to go on a date, at the time it seemed as legitimate of a reason as any.I was young, and, accent aside, it was exciting to be going on my first date in Paris. When the waiter brought my fish, he informed us that it had been boiled alive. What was I doing making dinner reservations at a restaurant that cooks its fish alive? As we left the restaurant and made our way along the Seine, the icy air whipped us mercilessly.years ago that I went on my first date with a French girl.