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According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the set is 'about to be transformed' into Sydney's Dee Why back in 1975, with both Kylie, 47, and Guy, 48, joined by 42-year-old Australian actress Radha Mitchell.

Based on a 14-year-old boy Jeff who has a crush on a shy girl Melly, the publication also reports that the film 'revolves around surf mats, baby oil, boxed win and the new miracle of Kentucky Fried Chicken'.Rigatoni pasta with fresh chicken, aubergine, black olives, sweet peppers in a spicy tomato sauce.Short pasta with fresh mixed vegetables in a white wine sauce.Fresh homemade pasta filled with ricotta cheese and spinach in a light creamy sauce with ham and peas.Short pasta with strips of beef, mushrooms, sweet peppers and black olives in a red wine and tomato sauce, with a touch of fresh chilli Layers of pasta in a rich ragu of minced beef with B├ęchamel and tomato sauce, topped with parmesan cheese and baked in the oven.The recipients will receive a link into their e-mail, which allows them to download the file from the service until the previously set date, using their Internet browser.