Dating guild guitar serial number

Additional variations were issued throughout the 1980s and '90s.

They can be some of the best sounding guitars out there and can be bought for reasonable prices.Guilds from all eras are considered high-quality instruments.RELATED ARTICLE '70s Martins tend to have a lousy reputation, such that their values are probably as low as they'll ever get.This does not mean that '70s Martins are to be avoided.Guild moved the factory to Westerly, Rhode Island over a three year period between 19 after Dronge sold the company to Avnet, an electronics corporation.

Since then, the company has changed hands several times.Asking prices can reach ,000 for clean and high-end examples of acoustics from that era.The Guilds built in the Hoboken factory will be the next most desirable instruments.Those from the ‘60s are particularly coveted by 12-string players.Models included the F-112, F-212, F-412, F-512, and the mythical F-612. Unfortunately, the “F” and “D” series were developed independently of one another, so an F-50 is not always going to have the same trim and features as a D-50.These showed up in model numbers F-20, F-30, F-40, F-50, etc. Incidentally, the M-20 was used on the album cover of Nick Drake’s , fueling speculation that it was an M-20 which gave him his deep mellow sound.