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When he came back from Iraq he had a nickel sized bruise like spot on his right arm. During the past 9 years this spot spread through his body and is changing the color of his skin...

I deployed there in August of 2003 with 4th ID out of Ft.

This article is about the war that started in 2003 and ended in 2011.For the initial invasion, see 2003 invasion of Iraq.Canfield's house, but she had been delayed at work and only came home just before 3.40am.Police said his car was parked on the side of a road at a strange angle with its motor running.Bush administration's main provider of intelligence on Iraq. intelligence agents on the teams supplied the United States government with a direct feed of conversations between Iraqi security agencies as well as other information.

In September, a Pentagon unit called the Office of Special Plans (OSP) was created by Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, and headed by Feith, as charged by then-United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, to supply senior Bush administration officials with raw intelligence pertaining to Iraq. had prohibited Iraq from developing or possessing such weapons after the Gulf War and required Iraq to permit inspections confirming compliance. This was confirmed by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Security Council Resolution 1441, Iraq agreed to new inspections under United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) in 2002.Due to our command telling us we were to suck it up and not go get help (for fear of losing people to medical... My husband is an OIF/OEF Veteran, and I am his VA caregiver. Police found a semi-automatic handgun in his waistband.He also had two knives, two ammunition clips and some loose rounds in his pocket.Seymour Hersh writes that, according to a Pentagon adviser, "[OSP] was created in order to find evidence of what Wolfowitz and his boss, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, wanted to be true—that Saddam Hussein had close ties to Al Qaeda, and that Iraq had an enormous arsenal of chemical, biological, and possibly even nuclear weapons (WMD) that threatened the region and, potentially, the United States. weapons inspectors unfettered access to suspected weapons production facilities. During 2002, Bush repeatedly warned of military action against Iraq unless inspections were allowed to progress unfettered. With the cooperation of the Iraqis, a third weapons inspection team in 2003 led by David Kelly viewed and photographed two alleged mobile weapons laboratories, which were actually facilities for the production of hydrogen gas to fill artillery balloons.