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Though heterosexuality is viewed as the "norm" in the United States, many other cultures maintain a very diverse perspective on sexuality and sexual orientation.

Various types of sexual orientation are defined below, and can be found in many different cultures across the globe.

Questioning is also used to refer to those who are not sure about their sexuality but wish to examine it further.

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Certain individuals who do not feel the ability to fit within the established identities, who may choose not to see themselves as Male or Female have a differing gender identity referred to as Non-Binary.

In a similar vein with the term queer, Non-binary can be used as a blanket term for gender identity that does not conform to concepts of strictly Cisgender or Transgender.

The general ideology present is that you either fit the box of Male or Female, and not doing so can result in irrational behavior from others, leading to aggression in some cases.

There is a certain stigma about confusion regarding Sexual and Gender Identities, even to the point where medical professionals have intentionally used surgery to assign someone who was born intersex, meaning they were born with a biological sex that was a mixture between what is percieved as male and female, and modified their body to fit into the biological binary.

They could have relationships with people of any sex, and the relationship was viewed more as "hetero-gender" than specifically homosexual or heterosexual.

In today's world, the role is being reclaimed by Native Americans who identify as such.

They dress using both the male and female garments and filled an essential and respected role in society. Male-bodied two-spirits could be gravediggers, conductors of rituals, nurses during the war, craftspeople, storytellers, and other roles.

Female-bodied two-spirits could be traders, warriors, chiefs, hunters, guides, and other roles. It was generally accepted that two-spirits had a special power.

[5] In other parts of the world, some cultures regard various sexual orientations very highly.