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Germans love sausages I’ve never actually seen my German friends eat sausages on a regular basis, so I can’t quite confirm this point.Maybe they do but hide the fact when I’m around so I don’t rush to tell all my friends back home that all Germans love sausages, further contributing to this stereotype.

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One thing I will note, is that sometimes Germans don’t always get that you’re telling a joke (until you tell them that you are) and they might interpret it very seriously.In that case, always tell them you’re telling a joke beforehand.There, I made lots of German friends and had the time of my life partying with them almost every night.So when I told people back in Canada that I was planning on moving to Germany, and people would respond with, “those Germans seem like really cold people,” I was genuinely surprised.If you walk down the street, it’s likely you’ll get chatted up.

You get hit on at the bus stop, marriage proposals in the food court, and someone always seems to make jokes in the elevator to keep the silence at bay.Of course, all of this rarely happens in Germany, and I have to admit – I still have more fingers than German friends in Mannheim and I’ve lived here for way more than a week. Germans are reserved Unlike home, where it’s common to become “instant best friends” with someone, Germans tend to need some time before they open up to you and include you in their “circle.” What I find surprising is how Germans always keep their doors closed in student residences, and despite studying and living in another city, a lot of them go home almost every weekend.But does this mean they’re “cold” just because they’re not as open as other countries? Some of my friends say that they know people who go home every weekend! Germans are very efficient and love making schedules When I first noticed my 26 year old roommate penciling in all his plans on his wall calendar and computer calendar, I was definitely pretty surprised. All Germans seem united in their hatred for the Deutsche Bahn, so just work that into your excuse, and your tardiness will be forgiven.“I grew up with five sisters” (or something like that), he said.