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“It’s the locker room syndrome,” said lead researcher Annabel Chan.“Men are more concerned about how their overall body size compares to the perceived male ideal than they are about how their size might impact on their sexual relations.” The study, which investigated the link between men’s penis size, body image and mental health, found that men who indicated a larger-than-average penis size had higher self esteem, better general health functioning and higher overall body satisfaction than those reporting an average or below-average sized penis.A man’s penis size can greatly impact his confidence, whether he is huge, or even if he is on the smaller side of things.

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Everything is going to happen in moderation, and at most you may only see a small gain in length and girth.So as long as you go into any dick building program with realistic expectations, then you wind up disappointed.The thing was, it was only ever the guys with humongous schlongs that had the balls to flash them about like it was the latest trendy thing to do in the boys locker rooms.Yeah, run for the hills if your willy size was anything under 7 or 8 inches because you’re going to have a bad day. I can remember the hours spent in the locker room hiding and shying away from the guys with their dicks hanging out.

And the less mature ones having a cock fights (yeah, they used to do this).This can cause a lot of mental anguish for men, so if this is the case to you, then it’s worth looking for solutions.There are a ton of great enhancement products available on the internet, so before just wading into unknown waters, it’s a good idea to start with a resource that has a ton of great information that you can browse, which is what we’re creating here at Dating Dynamo.Coined in one of my favourite films “What women want”. Actually you’ll find that as long as it works and as long as it can scratch that itch she’s been waiting for you should be fine. 🙂 There was a nationwide survey done one year in an English speaking country, I can’t remember which one. But the average penis size for a grown man is about 5 inches. And the next time a guy asks you how big it is, just say “bigger than yours my friend” – it will stop them asking.I have heard women in the past say 10 inches or you aren’t getting near me, and I think to myself well, she’s just restricting herself from a lot of good men. You see, women don’t spend all day obsessing over men’s bits like we do – and yes, we do that a lot (our own) there is more to life than our private parts. Although I tend not to get asked that any more being a 35 year old man and look more like a father than a kid. Every time he got drunk in the pub he’d always get it out; yet I think he had no idea how many men he made feel inadequate in those days.I don't know what to do as I really like this guy and he's awesome in every other aspect.