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It’s best to meet the (Sun) Pisces man in a place where you can be totally present to the mystery of the Other. A night at the theater or cinema gives you a lot to talk about.

Avoid places that are visually over stimulating or crowded. Or try going off the beaten track in a forest for a nature walk.

He's confused, lost, disoriented, dazed, in a fog.

Being comfortable in new, unfamiliar surroundings is a task not many people can handle. Devoted A Pisces is a devoted person, who will always be there in a relationship.Pisces will still prosper, despite being removed from their comfort zones. Pisces care deeply about their partners and want to do everything in their power to make their relationships sustainable.He’s likely to try to be a soothing presence, which is itself a balm in an indifferent world. He wants someone to share his dreams and imaginings with.He's his best with someone that encourages him to find expression for all he holds within.He's compatible with Zodiac signs that offer some stability, like Capricorn, or the polarity anchor he finds in Virgo.

But Pisces is the last sign, and has all twelve Zodiac signs within it, making him a friend to many.

The Pisces man has a subtle and complex nature that is drowned out in loud places.

That’s why it’s better to suggest a mellow, “undiscovered” place to get to know him.

Pisces in love is sentimental, and psychic to the point of being telepathic.

He'll read your whole being -- body language, eyes and utterances -- and see what you're about.

Your fellow in the sign of the Fishes is Neptune-ruled.