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Reading to a very young child in a hospital room may be satisfying, for example, but it's also an activity that tends to isolate the volunteer.

By contrast, preparing food in a community kitchen or playing piano at a senior center — both of which I've done with friends — opens broad opportunities to meet other volunteers.

Employment situation is retired I have been single for about 4 years now and thought it was time to maybe meet someone nice, i am of the larger build so if you like teddy bears then come and say hello :) ... Employment situation is retired Sincere caring affectionate respectful male ,seeks a nice female to become friends with and in time build a relationship together,, seems ime to old for anyone under 70,so maybe I should try the antique shops , ,but will try hear first..guess its the antique shops, def to old for women on hear, ...

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En español | Thousands of older Americans are eager to enter the dating scene but haven't figured out the best way to do it.

Others, actively dating, long to expand their pool of possible partners.

You may have to stretch your normal behavior — that is, you may have to reach out, assert yourself, be creative, act strategically and think outside the box.

But if you're willing to do all that, frequenting these six sites can boost your odds of a productive encounter: 1. Caution and discretion are required to sustain a relationship at the office — or in any other day-to-day workplace, for that matter. It can be difficult — even hellish — to face each other (just ask Bridget Jones).

I happen to love the latter, so for years I bought weekend shares in single-parent beach houses.

As with my "no students" rule, I never dated a fellow house member; when we played charades or had barbecues with people in the community, however, I did meet a few men I wound up dating back in the city.At another, I struck up a conversation with the handsome, funny bartender, who happened to be an actor. We smiled, sat down on a bench and started talking. Next he tried Italian cooking, with better results: The class involved preparing dishes with a partner, so Larry picked the entrée course — and a single-woman partner.We got to enjoy one dinner together before he was called to L. They made eggplant parmigiana and vegetarian lasagna, among other things, then enrolled together for a second cooking course (on soups). These days they're in each other's kitchen almost every night, cooking up a storm.Employment situation is retired If at first you don't succeed,try try again ! I love to drive, and have been all over the country. I am now retired after working with Brittish Airways for 35 years. Employment situation is retired Bootsales, shopping, theatre, cinema and walking by the sea. Employment situation is retired I like to watching films and listening to music, and meeting new people when I can. As a writing instructor, I had an ironclad rule (unarticulated, of course! An editor taking the course wrote some poignant essays about his son's wedding, becoming a grandfather and learning to live alone. Think about splitting the rental of a group ski lodge or beach house.