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After all, there are crazy people on every dating site (save for Christian Mingle — the singles on that site are pure sex).

But I searched through a good ten pages of woman and five pages of men, and these were pretty much the cream of the crop.

Obviously we value quality entertainment and in-depth news coverage.

But we also have a fun side and it would be nice if there was a place where PBS-loving singles could highlight their charms to like-minded people.

If you spend any time watching late night cable television, you are probably familiar with Farmers, a dating web site targeted to singles living in rural America.

Despite the cheesy TV commercials, it’s an idea that makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, I like those artists too and I couldn’t run the risk of meeting someone with whom I had anything in common. Based on our shared music tastes, only six people were deemed suitable, all of them Jamiroquai fans.

So I pretended to be into acts only a maniac could love: Jamiroquai, The Lighthouse Family, Son Of Dork, and Afroman of ‘Because I Got High’ fame. One of them, Agata, seemed unwilling to reveal any part of her face above the mouth, which made we wonder what she was hiding. I had no fans and had not been favourited by anybody.Perhaps it’s time for News Hour or Downton of public television have their own take on the world.Just imagine the ads you’d find: “Me: an amateur science buff who can cook a great meal while discussing the migration patterns of penguins.You: a cute Nature fan who loves zoos, old houses and quiet nights watching a quirky British mystery.I mean, I did some free browsing, and was immediately matched with a variety of metal lovin’ ladies who any guy would be lucky to bring home to meet his mother.