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I know my husband loves me and missed me on deployments. Happy Little Girl wrote: I am experiencing my first deployment away from the most fantastic man I’ve ever met besides my father.

Again, the more loved ones can gain some situation awareness about these things, the easier deployments will become, particularly combat deployments.Dawson: It sounds like the soldiers and their loved ones all have their individual battles to fight. Spouses, parents, children, girlfriends or boyfriends all have different types of battles to fight, but you all go to war together as a team.If you’re front line like infantry soldiers, you are busy 24-7-365-360 (every hour, every day of the year, all around you).You’re either on patrol, on guard duty, or crashing.There’s very little down time, but even then, the enemy may decide it’s time to lob a few mortars or attack the compound.

A lot of that down time is focused on getting ready to go again.

Mike: It’s really important for those at home to try to gain some situational awareness regarding their deployed soldier.

Talking to other experienced military spouses helps. If their heads are not intensely focused and in the game, someone can get hurt.

Mike is a former US Army Captain with two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dawson: It seems that with a lot of our callers the lack of communication with a deployed spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend is what puts a lot of pressure on relationships.

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