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Later, everything with "Bertha" is sorted out when Edwin shows up with his computer knowledge.

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Casey decides that she wants Derek's room for her own, saying that she and Lizzie have nothing.Derek explodes when being asked to give up his room, which he's lived in since he was an infant.Nora and George make a room for Casey in the basement, but Casey fools Derek into wanting the downstairs bedroom.Finally, at the end, George and Nora give up their room for Casey, and have the basement, as their new bedroom!Ontario."At the beginning of the show, the Venturis' residence had a short of rooms.

So, Casey and Lizzie had to share a room, which was too small!She is also the next-door neighbor of the Mc Donald-Venturis.Lucy is Casey's friend who appears in the episode "Two-Timing Derek", when she is rehearsing a dance with Casey. Casey trips at the stairs at school, and Derek nicknames her "Klutzilla", a name that quickly spreads throughout the school.So, all through the third grade, Derek was called 'Dereka' for having such long hair!After getting to know about this, everyone teases Derek at the dinner table!Kendra is played by Lauren Collins who appeared on "Degrassi: The Next Generation".