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We're not hoodlums," said Jack Stout, 51, of Gilroy, who has logged more than 40,000 miles on his 2003 Harley Davidson Superglide and plans to come annually even if the event isn't officially sanctioned. First I was precocious, then a tomboy, then a smart ass, then I hit high school, cut all my hair off, dyed what was left, and got piercings (eartop cartilage piercings in Norfolk, Nebraska 1998 were like becoming a flapper in 1926). And that's why I always always always wanted to live in a big city.

Detroit is this unreal "blank canvas" where artists are buying homes for as little as 0.Even Silicon Valley-types see the potential in towns like mine.Artists in my city are showing in Toronto and Chicago and GENEVA and Miami and LA — and making a living on Etsy and cleaning up at Renegade Craft Fairs.Creatives all over the country are flocking to cheaper cities.Thousands of bikers have turned out to the event this year despite the ban.

Thousands of bikers roared into the town made famous by Marlon Brando's 1953 film "The Wild One" on Saturday, defying a city council decision to cancel one of the country's most celebrated motorcycle rallies."We're the taxpayers.

Bikers cruise through downtown Hollister, Calif., Saturday, July 1, 2006.

City officials decided to call off the yearly bike rally which has taken place in the town since the 1940s.

There are fewer events or people or products to divide your audience's attention.

And because it's cheap you can just do new things all the time and fuck up faster.

But five years in college and a degree in Painting later, I live in Des Moines, Iowa — a metro of a whole half a million.