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Perhaps unsurprisingly, flame-haired Princess Beatrice chose The Little Mermaid, her favourite Disney character.No one else went as Snow White, because strict instructions had been sent out that the role was reserved for Eugenie. Former Page Three girl Melinda Messenger, whose boyfriend Warren Smith taught Beatrice to ski, was dressed as a sexy Tinker Bell — and posted a picture on social media of the night.

It was like everyone had to be more political, "green," or whatever else than you, like a competition.

It was off-putting.[/italic]I am ashamed to admit it (because I was born here), but there is a lot of truth in that.

Guests — there were around 200 — started to arrive at 6.30pm.

Jet-setting model Cara Delevingne, while failing to fully embrace the dress code — by the end of the party her only nod to fancy dress was a pair of mouse ears and a mask — was on particularly exuberant form.

We have to be showy about our un-showyness, if that makes sense.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if a real-life woman like Suzanne Sugarbaker, who is what she is, came waltzing up the street in Portland.Add in the fact that it's more socially awkward than a lot of other cities and it's hard to meet people. A lot of people hook up online and use the bars as a purely social outlet.No one will be rude or snobby to you, but they're also not likely to go out of the way to say hello. I met a guy in Portland and he was all over me, then his "partner" showed up and then the asshole had the nerve to to be rude and dismissive when he was caught.or Dallas.[quote]Also, Scandals was totally blaring its music, making it impossible to hear my friends next to me. Maybe that's the issue, that people were less chatty due to the loud music. But if it's not, what do they expect people to do, stand there with a drink, looking at their friends or a guy they're interested in? In the James Beard biography, the author points out though Beard (a Portland native) became famous worldwide and knew some of the richest and most influential people in the country and the world, he always would get depressed when he came back to Portland because he could never overcome the shame of feeling poor from his early years of feeling poor compared to the fancy and snobby West Hills people he knew.God, if there's one thing that [italic]drives me crazy[/italic]! I hate having to crouch over and scream in somebody's ear."What? There used to be a number of interesting if really scuzzy gay bars in Portland where you could see some pretty good strippers: the Three Sisters (which when it was in business was one of the skeeviest gay bars in the whole country) and Silverado.Now the Three Sisters has closed forever, and Silverado has moved across downtown and is much friendlier and less skeevy but the strippers are more like go-go boys.