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With such scams, the email, phone call, or whatever fake message you get is allegedly coming from your local sheriff, police department, or some other potentially scary law-enforcement authority.

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Otherwise, the vehicle’s license plate is photographed, and a bill mailed to whatever address it's registered to.In neither case will you get an email demanding payment.Indeed, this E-Z Pass scam AAA warned about also qualifies as another variant of the old “jury duty” or “notice to appear” con.My respect for James Blunt actually increased after this whole tweet exchange. Apparently this shit falls under the category of a beauty blender, which only confused me more.Kind of a dickish thing to say, but dude, I love Blunt's bluntness when it comes to why boyfriends buy their girlfriends' concert tickets for his shows. A painfully pronounced kind of pink alien egg fallen from the outermost reaches of the galaxy itself? Enjoy these other guys experiencing that confusion firsthand in the conversations they shared on Twitter.I just wanted to write a quick note and say that Doug was such a great help during my recent ordering process.