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Hi I am a M 19 Dom in Minnesota, I am a master that doesn't like to be disobeyed in any way...other then that the only things required are for you to be able to send pictures and videos with your face included.If you can't follow both of those then please don't message me.

One user said he rarely used Grindr but that he had been contacted by a bot each time he had logged on in recent months.

He told Pink News: β€œIt’s not a natural conversation flow – so it seems supicious but equally it its convincing enough to be real.” One Twitter user questioned why, if trying to convince Grindr users a bot was a real man, would they name him Herbert.

Some readers wrote in to point out that the bots often have a very small number listed under height, usually just over two feet.

Others tested the sophistication of the conversation the bots were capable of by saying their penis had fallen off, or that their mother had just died.

If I am not online and you want a show, fell free to send me a TWEET:-) If you are interested.

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