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He began his career as the European correspondent in Berlin and Vienna for several French newspapers.

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The expedition established the route of a railway line from the Mellacorée River to Kankan, and defined the border between the new colony of French Guinea and the British colony of Sierra Leone.

Dubois's report appeared in L'Illustration in 1892.

Dubois found similarities between the houses in Djenné and the tombs of Ancient Egypt, and visual similarities between the Songhai and Nubian people, and speculated that the town could also have originally been an Upper Egyptian colony.

A wonderful impulse was imparted to this country in the sixteenth century, and a marvellous civilisation appeared in the very heart of the black continent.

In 1898 Dubois conceived the idea of launching the first general freight company to use trucks, avoiding the need for porters in the French Sudan and also turning a profit.

The venture ran into many difficulties and collapsed in 1900.During their sojourns in the foreign universities of Fez, Tunis and Cairo, 'they astonished the most learned men of Islam by their erudition.' That these negroes were on a level with the Arabian savants is proved by the fact that they were installed as professors in Morocco and Egypt.In contrast to this, we find that the Arabs were not always equal to the requirements of Sankoré.His father's connections made him welcome in Berlin and Vienna, where he became correspondent for several French journals, including Le Soleil, La France, Le Gaulois and Le Petit Marseillais.In 1890 L'Illustration asked him to accompany and report on the expedition led by Henri Brosselard-Faidherbe to explore Guinea and the sources of the Niger River.Albert Félix Dubois (16 September 1862 – 1 June 1945) was a French journalist, explorer and speculator who is best known for his books about his travels in French West Africa.