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I kept in mind what Evan says “men will do what men want to do” so I was just open and receptive to his pursuit, it felt natural and right, and there were simply no games.So I think the confusion and anxiety is when one of the people is either not that into the other or not ready for a real relationship.

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Our 4th date was a weekend at a resort, our 5th date was an overnight at his house, and our 6th date we took our profiles off Match.

And the best part was there was no second guessing.

We’re both horny, no one in the room is a virgin, and the woman is suppose to “hold back”?

So he is thinking “God this feels good” and she is thinking “God this feels good, should I be doing this, will he still respect me, will he call me tomorrow, will he think I do this with everyone, but I haven’t been laid in six months and I NEED this, didn’t my friend Betsy have sex with her husband on the first date and they are happily married…blah, blah, blah.” I am not looking for a husband, but I do want to know if the sex is good I can come back for more and maybe even have some consistency!

If you can find an attractive “average looking” woman, you are a foot in the door.

These women have lower self-esteem and they are on a hookup website because they can’t find sex.

that they have fun with before they decide to go back to their serious relationships.

Women can also be in relationships where they aren’t getting the type of sex they want.

I mean, how many times have I said that “men look for sex and find love and women look for love and find sex”?

What Jeske doesn’t seem to get is that it’s not an either/or.

We were both ready, the chemistry was there, and we are just riding the wave.