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It was around this time last year that we were dealing with the last remnants of Olivier Martinez and Gabriel Aubry’s physical altercation of Thanksgiving 2012.

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We’re very close, and I will always be there for her.” Following the divorce, the mother-daughter relationship seemed to quickly dissipate.In 2006, Benét told The Post that Berry no longer saw his daughter.“Her divorce from Eric was very acrimonious and as much as she hoped to stay in India’s life, it just didn’t work out that way.” Dated 2005 to 2010 Berry met the hunky Canadian model while shooting a Versace campaign and had her first child, daughter Nahla, with him three years into their relationship.A friend of hers says it was an incredibly tempestuous relationship and that neither of them was willing to back down when they argued.They want their money, they don’t want to, like, put him in jail.

Isn’t it a f—ked up system if a father has to practically bankrupt himself to get joint custody of his daughter?

Halle spent the last year gestating and then giving birth to a son, plus she and Olivier got married. But there are still broken pieces of Gabriel and Halle’s fight – like Gabriel’s extensive legal fees, and the fact that he can’t take any work out of LA because he wants to retain his joint custody of Nahla.

Gabe spent most of the year being quiet, rarely getting pap’d, and not giving any interviews. It was obvious one year ago that Halle wasn’t simply going to give up, she had just exhausted all of her custodial battle options for the moment. All of this has put Gabe in a significant financial situation – Gabe is one of California’s top 500 taxpayer delinquents!

The arguments continued and they knew it wasn’t the best environment to raise a little girl in.” The fighting continued long after the relationship ended, as the exes attempted co-parenting while Berry started a new life with Martinez.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2012, Aubry dropped Nahla off at Berry’s Los Angeles home and had a fight with Martinez that sent both men to the emergency room.

“Halle used to insist she loved India, though she hasn’t seen her and has barely communicated with her in years, and not because I’ve stopped her,” he said.