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That's why it's really important for gay teens to be aware of some relationship red flags. More » It's pretty common for GLBT teens to have older boyfriends and girlfriends.

A big reason is that more adults than teens are out and it can be hard to meet openly GLBT partners your age.

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In an interview with The Huffington Post, dating advice columnist and gay rights advocate Dan Savage shared what arguably could be a universal relationship advice for anyone, whether you are gay or straight, young and old.Some singles have difficulty finding the right romantic partner for them.They feel like they are in a never-ending cycle of committing the same ... But gay teens have some additional hurdles to overcome like the fact that a lot of teens aren't out and that there are safety and honesty issues that can't be ignored when meeting people online. Whether you are hoping to meet friends, or interested in dating, it is likely someone else is in the same boat!Have you wondered if your relationship will be effected by the legalization of gay marriage?

For the first time In history, LGBT people are able to legally marry, with all the federal benefits, recognition and visibility.

That's why setting boundaries before you get into confusing situations is a really good idea. But in other ways there are some different concerns.

For example, will going on a date "out" me and is it safe to hang out with my same sex date in public?

The problem with this is that the partner being asked to behave differently is being asked to not be themselves in the relationship but to pretend to be someone they are not. So to use fancy words, the first paragraph above describes two people who are “individuated” and have developed the capacity to “self-sooth.” They don’t need their partner to to behave in a specific way in order to feel good about themselves.

My approach to couples counseling helps you recognize these patterns, and how they create conflict in the relationship.

Some of these relationships are perfectly healthy, but others aren't.