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So the next time you're in need of relationship advice, crank up the radio or your i Pod.Besides, it's an affordable alternative to therapy and may help you see that your relationship is worth saving!

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What music teaches us about love, life, and relationships may at times be profound.

There are times when we find solace in the most unexpected places.

These aren’t to be confused with our list of the best break-up songs, however.

when Julius Caesar was famously sold out by his friend Marcus Junius Brutus and fatally stabbed 23 times in the Roman Senate—we’ve compiled a list of songs of betrayal.

With friends, we will not feel lonely and helpless.

As a special love, friendship is so important in our life that we should always treasure it.

For the most part, these tunes deal with being stabbed in the back by platonic friends; cheating spouses, you’re off the hook for today.

Check out some of our favorite songs about betrayal—in no particular order—below.

From sultry to practical, these songs hold beneficial advice for those in relationships! "Say" by John Mayer So every time you hold me Hold me like this is the last time Every time you kiss me Kiss me like you'll never see me again Every time you touch me Touch me like this is the last time Promise that you'll love me Love me like you'll never see me again These lyrics remind listeners not to take love for granted, assuming that it will always be there.

The only sure thing we know about life is that nothing, or no one, lasts forever.

It can save your life -- like when a good buddy gets you through a bad breakup -- or it can drive you absolutely nuts. Over the years, everyone from strutting stadium rockers to steely gangsta rappers have penned songs on the subject.