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For most of you, this means gathering intel from your waiter, but don’t ignore the person bussing your table either.And, no, this doesn’t apply to only table-service restaurants.

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Watch how he makes eggplant parmesan like he learned in Italy after the jump and check out the rest of his Cooking It Old School videos.

Continue Reading Lately it’s been feeling as if we live in a surreal world, from the recent election to newfangled illusory dishes like the raindrop cake.

I reviewed a national burger chain ( and up) and was floored by how both the ladies taking my order were so down for their employer and the burgers they smashed (that’s a hint).

After all, don’t you want happy people — people who genuinely believe that they are worthy of your hard-earned buck — serving your food?

The truth is we all have our own budgets in mind, and not all burgers are created equal.

So let’s look for a moment, beyond the bucks, to what makes food bang at any price point — a happy medium sandwiched in between Kobe dry-aged beef and the dollar menu.

Continue Reading Chef Pasquale grew up in Orsara di Puglia, Italy, and brought his recipes and stories to America.

Watch how to make eggplant Parmigiana, meatballs, chicken cacciatore and more like an authentic Italian grandpa with skills from the old country.

Our fave, however, is definitely the box of organic condoms ( for a ten-pack), which the actress describes as: "You (and your partner) won't feel these brilliant, nontoxic (sadly, regular condoms are often made with synthetic dyes and fragrances), fair-trade, vegan-friendly, lubricated latex condoms at all.

They're the cleanest way to practice (fantastic) safe sex." Sounds kinda hot!

The most expensive thing on the list is presumably a stay at the Babington House in Somerset England, where the price is only upon request. All told, we'd say this isn't even the most outrageous of Gwynnie's gift guides.