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Finally, if this is the first time you have heard of Mental Illness Dating then give us a try and see what we are all about.We are the first stigma free dating site and we are a community that welcomes all so what are you waiting for give us a chance at Mental Illness Dating.There are a great amount of sites that are for disability dating, bipolar dating, anxiety dating but do they care about you, the person, that is what makes us different.We have a family atmosphere and will expand as time moves on but will remain a tight family.She regularly engages in psychotherapy and takes daily prescribed medication.

She is successful socially, educationally and occupationally, but she is constantly battling her illness, trying to prevent it from flaring up.

Since our inception, a lot of disability dating sites has popped up and not all of them are bad but we feel that being one of the originals by supporting us you’re supporting our goal.

The goal is plain and simple, to find love without having to be judged or stigmatized which in the 21 century even with our “modern” thinking still is a pervasive problem.

She had to tell him that she suffers from a mental illness.

Esti had been diagnosed with anxiety many years ago, but few people knew about it.

Now with 800 and counting members we are close to being number 1 for Mental Illness Dating and disability dating as well.