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You can find earlier versions of Receiver on the Citrix Downloads website.Please confirm with your system administrator that you require an earlier version of Receiver before proceeding.

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This gives your users a seamless desktop experience with ready access to a core set of applications in a consistent way, automatically placing specific application and desktop shortcuts directly in the Start menu or on the desktop itself.Take a look at this Upgrade Guide for step-by-step instructions on completing the scripted-upgrade for all your users.Download current versions of Receiver using the links above.Citrix recommends moving to the latest Receiver for Windows, Mac and Store Front 3.0 to get the fix for this issue.The updates are available for the following models: RX-V867, RX-A1000/2000/3000 and can be found here.

A firmware update for the TX-NR609 / HT-R990 network A/V receiver is available through the unit’s network connection or USB input.

In that case, Receiver prompts you to remove the earlier versions from your device manually.

In many cases, you open an appropriate URL in your browser to authenticate and use applications and virtual desktops.

ICA is the extension of the configuration file that Receiver uses to connect to a Citrix-provided application or desktop. You use Receiver to centrally configure, manage, and update the technology, such as ICA, installed on the device.

Receiver automatically replaces many previous versions of Receiver and the Citrix online plug-ins, however, some versions must be removed manually before you can install the most recent version of Receiver.

Citrix and Citrix Receiver are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Citrix Systems, Inc. We recommend that you contact your system administrator or IT help desk.