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She is the host, producer, cameraman and editor of several TV shows all filmed in Italy that air on Nat Geo, Discovery and TLN Canada in 68 countries.Some of these include 'When Patrick Met Kylie: A Love (of Food) Story' (Italia Dolce Vita or Comer y Vivir en Italia), 'When in Rome' (season 1 and 2), 'When in Florence', 'Amore Al Dente: Classic Italian Food Stories' and 'The Dolce Vita Diary'.

You will find that your life is never dull around an Italian woman and she will not allow you to hide your emotions.Moreover, an she will talk everything out with you during your relationship and she will not hide her feelings.But if you are after a more tactile in the eternal city, my Christmas present to you this issue is a brief guide to dating in Rome; first the bad news, then the good.For any female reader, don’t ever believe their ‘status’.Date Italian women when you want to be with someone who knows exactly what she wants.

Italian women do not hold their tongues and you will get an honest opinion about the world around you.They are tactile people who love to touch the woman they are with.Courtship in Italy is much different from the one in US.Italians are passionate people who are fiery in all parts of life, and you can see that fire when you are dating them.This article explores how Italian singles are different from singles from other parts of the world and provides four tips to help you learn about Italian dating culture.But hearing ‘ti amo’ for the first time from someone who means it, is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.