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However for sake of this article it will be known by that name.Lagos Nigeria scams include; black money scams, lottery scams, phishing, chat room love scams, advanced fee fraud, internet business scams and corporate impersonations.KINDLY INVESTIGATE THIS SCUM THE MAN IS MR KOFI ANGE.

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Never trust anyone unless you have tried and tested him/her and found him/her trustworthy and god fearing.

Most scammers are real scum with no marketable skills and a history of anti-social behaviours.

Always note that any serious attempt to verify those claims will always be frustrated.

The scams could also prey on your good nature especially if you are sympathetic or affectionate.

Warning against scammers Scammers cannot be identified by their nationality, tribe or race.

They however can be identified by their behavior and habits which tells you who they really are, Scum.How to identify a scam There are many more Lagos Nigeria scams but these are the most common types.But regardless of their form or variation, all scams involve someone or a group making empty claims about an attractive reward waiting to be received but only if you part with money or valuables.By claiming that a loved one is in danger of being hurt, they hope you will feel pity and regret and do whatever is necessary to remedy the situation (most times that remedy is in financial terms).This method is common in the love or romance scams.They aim at unsuspecting tenement seekers hoping that not being thorough enough in their investigation, they could be swindled.