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Because argon is a gas, it should escape to the atmosphere due to the intense heat of the lavas. All flows were typically made up of jumbled blocks of congealed lava, resulting in rough, jagged, clinkery surfaces (Figure 8).

Of course, no geologist was present to test this assumption by observing ancient lavas when they cooled, but we can study modern lava flows. The samples were sent progressively in batches to Geochron Laboratories in Cambridge, Boston (USA), for whole-rock potassium-argon (K–Ar) dating—first a piece of one sample from each flow, then a piece of the second sample from each flow after the first set of results was received, and finally, a piece of the third sample from the 30 June 1954 flow.15 To also test the consistency of results within samples, second pieces of two of the 30 June 1954 lava samples were also sent for analysis. No specific location or expected age information was supplied to the laboratory.

The 18 August flow was more than 18 m (55 feet) thick and still warm almost a year after congealing.Explosions of ash completed this long eruptive period.Argon gas, brought up from deep inside the earth within the molten rock, was already present in the lavas when they cooled.We know the true ages of the rocks because they were observed to form less than 50 years ago.Blocks weighing up to 1,000 tonnes were hurled 100 m (330 feet).

However, the most violent explosions occurred on 19 February 1975, accompanied by what eye-witnesses described as atmospheric shock waves.9 Blocks up to 30 m (100 ft) across were catapulted up to 3 km (almost 2 miles). Turbulent avalanches of ash and blocks swept down Ngauruhoe’s sides at about 60 km (35 miles) per hour.10 It is estimated that at least 3.4 million cubic metres (120 million cubic feet) of ash and blocks were ejected in 7 hours.11up If any of these assumptions are violated, then the technique fails and any “dates” are false.Please do a mapquest if you wish to stay at a hotel. TRAVEL DISTANCE FROM: Milwaukee (south side) 38 minutes via 94 / Hwy 16Racine approx.. Hey Jen, this is the first time I've actually signed up for an event. You do a great job putting these things together - just don't let it go to your head! HEY EVERYONE you can also check out face book under "THE SOCIAL LOUNGE-ADULT 30 " its a great way to talk to fishies and others who have attended events in the past. If you go to the search bar just type in SOCIAL and it should pop up. Mt Ngauruhoe is thought to have been active for at least 2,500 years, with more than 70 eruptive periods since 1839, when European settlers first recorded a steam eruption.2 Of course, before that, the Maoris witnessed many eruptions from the mountain.The first lava eruption seen by Europeans occurred in 1870.3 Then there were ash eruptions every few years until a major explosive eruption in April–May 1948, followed by lava flowing down the northwestern slopes in February 1949.4 These flows are still distinguishable today on the northwestern and western slopes of Ngauruhoe (Figure 4).1 hour 15 minutes Janesville – Just under an hour Madison – Just under an hour Germantown (Washington co) – under 40 minutes Menomonee Falls – 20 minutes Hartland – 8 minutes Hope to see you there:)Jen and Denise Following Members are Attending This Party... I hope that more women show up (wink) because I need dance partners... I am a bit disappointed that I didn't get my 'dancing picture' on your follow-up post. you did that cupid shuffle like ya do it in your sleep every night! Such an awesome personality (the whole 9)I am so glad you decided to SIGN UP this time. It gives me such joy/pleasure to see so many happy people at the end of the night!