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It doesn't guarantee perfection, but it definitely will help lead you on the right path.

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Among the wisdom Cher and company imparted, some of the most valuable had to do with love and sex.

For instance, when your boyfriend calls you "woman," it may "have mocking but not necessarily misogynistic undertones." Also, your friend might call you on being a "virgin who can't drive," but that doesn't mean you aren't lovable (as if).

Heart of a Philanthropist blog would like to thank Family Christian Stores for gifting us a copy of the book The New Rules for Love, Sex, & Dating by Andy Stanley in exchange for an honest review. It's time for you to decide who to date, how to date, and when to date.

Maybe you choose to wait until you are married for the act of lovemaking with your husband/wife.

Weigel ends her book’s introduction with a clever comparison: “If marriage is the long-term contract that many daters still hope to land, dating itself often feels like the worst, most precarious form of contemporary labor: an unpaid internship.” called “The End of Courtship?

” said that traditional dating — which is to say calling someone and asking them on a date — was dead.What would the last 17 years have been like without Cher, Dionne and Tai (RIP Brittany Murphy) and their iconic one-liners?These "Clueless" characters taught us a lot in our formative years -- how else would we have known that "Ren & Stimpy" are "way existential," that "sporadic means once in a while" or that you should never ever "skin a collie to make [your] backpack"?Furthermore, there is no reason you can't be picky when it comes to love and still be the most popular girl in school.To thank Cher Horowitz for showing us how to navigate being "totally butt crazy in love" -- even if it was with her sort-of brother -- we've compiled a short compendium of relationship lessons we learned from "Clueless."How will Donald Trump’s first 100 days impact YOU?They did not have opportunities to go out and get together on their own.