Making speed dating cards

And we’re big fans of meaningful sharing where the shy among us don’t have to stress about thinking what to say!So Girlfriend members meet in Connecting Circles in a neighborhood café with 2-5 other women and their time is structured around fun questions and equal sharing time so you can get a good sense of each other.

Shasta Nelson, a relationship and transitions life coach, is the founder and spirit behind Girlfriend, a new and vibrant community dedicated to introducing women and inspiring friendship in cities across this country.When I learned about this event, I wanted to find out more about it so I interviewed Shasta: What exactly is Speed-Friending?I think that if I meet a dozen women, I will certainly feel a connection to some more than others.That is not to say that if I spent an hour with some of the others that I wouldn’t like them too, but the truth is we can’t all be friends with every person we meet. Whether it’s in 8 minutes (listening to her share, how she listens to others, her body language, personality, aura, etc.) or 2 hours over dinner- at some point we make decisions long before we can ever really know someone else.Speed-friending is similar in concept to speed-dating in that it gives attendees a great chance to meet many people in a fast and structured way for the purpose of determining potential connection. When the women arrive, there will be drinks and mingling while everyone checks in and then the real fun begins!

At Girl Friend, when we host these evenings, we only invite women who value friendship and are committed to not just meeting more people, but also following up with the ones that feel like possible friends! Girl Friend does our best to arrange the process in an intentional and meaningful way based upon some of the registration information so women are introduced in the groups we think might have the best fits.It’s amazing how much research just keeps revealing the significance our circle of friends has on our lives. Having good girlfriends lowers our stress, enhances our moods, protects us from diseases, increases our self-confidence and actually even helps bring healing to our bodies.And most of us go through so many life changes and moves these days that we don’t all live close to the friends that could best support our lives. It’s very much in alignment with how we foster friendships.After everyone has shared, there’s a minute to write down notes and then the bell rings and people are off to the next table!We typically do this four times so each woman meets at least 12 new women.This process is incredibly effective for getting a feel for whether you want to know more!