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Their hug turned steamy as Rahul’s hands rose higher and cupped her boobs.

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She had seen with her own eyes that Rahul used to open his dad’s cupboard and take money from it and his parents never said a thing to him. Sharma used to earn in crores and had no problem if his son spent thousands in parties or discos.She continued seducing Rahul with her boobs and after a week of show offs she decided that it was time for the next step.Rahul followed her and found her mopping the kitchen floor. She knew she was doing this for her children but she could not understand why…in a way she was…enjoying this.Again she looked up smiling and adjusted her pallu so that she revealed her cleavage and Rahul smiled back. Rahul took the opportunity and leaned closer to her face.She was sweeping away when she noticed him looking and she realized that he was watching her boobs. It was then she realized that there was one way she could get money. Next day she acted normally and worked in the Sharma house.

But the moment she reached Rahul’s house she adjusted her pallu in such a way that she revealed huge amount of her boobs.

She used to take small loans from her neighbors who were starting to trouble her.

Her husband wasn’t helping either, he used to drink a lot and spend more than half of her salary.

Rahul’s eyes were popping at the sight and deciding that it was time she stopped.

Rahul looked up to her and realized that she had caught him staring.

Kaamini was sleeping in her bed that night when she remembered the kiss Rahul had given her.