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After the gunshot provokes the walkers around, the group tries escaping through a back alley.

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She joins Lee in his search for the battery in the nearby auto-shop, but soon runs off on her own, later appearing again, struggling with a walker in medical scrubs, which she throws off a roof, and proceeds to stab repeatedly in a frenzy with her ice tool.

Lee questions her behavior, but she claims she was just making sure it was dead.

Getting the car off the lift does, however, trigger its alarm, and Lee and Molly narrowly escape a large group of walkers by climbing onto a truck and through the roof.

Molly suddenly breaks off on her own again to run a personal errand, taking the battery with her, as leverage in case the group should think about leaving her behind.

Molly was first seen near the start of the episode.

Lee looked up at a church bell tower and saw Molly sneak past, attempting to hide out on the roof.

Later in the episode, Lee, depending on his decision, can watch a tape and discover that Molly is from Crawford. Ashe, the man she threw off the roof, to obtain medicine for her 14-year old diabetic sister.

Logan ends the deal in fear of being caught, leaving Molly outraged with his decision.

To retrieve medicine for this disease, Molly made a deal with Crawford's doctor, Walter Ashe, and she committed to having sexual intercourse with him in exchange for medicine.

Unfortunately, Oberson began sending an inspector down to take inventory of the medicine, and would've discovered their secret.

To hide it, Ashe cut off their deal, frustrating Molly.