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He had been attracted to narcissistic women who "made everything all about them." Another woman, as she learned that her date seemed to be a great match for her became convinced that there must be something wrong with the picture.

"If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't," she kept repeating. Her primary focus towards her date was in checking him out with others, Googling him, and intently watching for any seeming inconsistencies.

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"What if I get used to this, and then he leaves me? It's better not to let it happen." So often people burdened with this fear at receiving have a deep belief that they are in fact unlovable.

Or rather that they are unlovable unless they give, provide, and take care of the other person.

No matter how many times you ask if we are OK, we always say yes because your happiness is more important than our own, even though you always know when something is wrong. The simple "we need to talk" throws our body in flight-or-fight mode, and we lose feeling.

We will hold you like no other woman will, and we will appreciate all the small things you do. The simple "I don't know anymore" turns our hearts inside out.

Breakups are hard, but girls with anxiety will struggle to find themselves again because they put so much faith into you.

They love you more than you can ever comprehend, and once you love like that, it's almost impossible to ever love like that again.

So if someone gives to them, they feel they have lost what is most desirable about themselves.

To give another example of dating anxieties about receiving, one man, for example, was visiting his date and she offered to go and get him a glass of wine.

However, for her (and she is far from alone) this recognition of expanded possibility is followed by a fear of receiving.

For her and for others, having needs met can be fraught with unanticipated pain.

The core concerns are about the answers to the questions "Are they going to be good for me? " Both worries rear not only their ugly heads, but their ugly trunks and legs.